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Nat Barette
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The Thorns

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“I first tried rugby at Uni because they were short of players. I loved it but wasn’t able to commit due to my love of football. I’ve been a footballer ever since… until now.
I first played for Crowthorne against Windsor a couple of season ago. I was amazed at the team spirit, positive attitudes and overwhelming support from everyone and was tempted to join after that but unfortunately fell ill with Ovarian Cancer so wasn’t able to. To be honest I never thought I’d manage rugby again after that.
However I was invited to play on the grand opening of the The Nest and fell in love with the game and the team! I only managed 2 games last season because of football but have decided to retire from football and commit to rugby and The Thorns for the coming season. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team, for the friends I have made and for the exciting times ahead!”